Chapter One – Complete!

We’ve finished Chapter One!

Chapter two will commence on the 23rd of March, along with a new update schedule! I’ll be posting the comics three times a week, on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. This means a faster pace, more regular updates, a faster conclusion of Chapter Two… Such excitement! That’s what the gap is for; for me to work on getting a head start on the comic completion 😀

I’m going back and colouring in the leftover comics that have yet to be coloured, and at the end of February we’ll have Chapter One out as a PDF for you all to download and enjoy 🙂


A sneak peak at the first page…


I’ve been busy getting the comics ready for the release date on the 7th December, but I want to keep you all updated on how it’s getting along!, So, here’s a sneaky peak at the first page. This is what the first sketches of my comics look like – confusing and messy and weird. My process is usually:

  • Panel placement (reliant on quantity of dialogue and flow of the page)
  • Speech bubble placement
  • Draw a rough sketch
  • Line art and then colour

It’s pretty straight forward but hopefully it’s also interesting!

The first panel of this comic was pretty much already done; the panel is very similar to the cover image so there wasn’t much work to do. This is also the very-first draft as I made a lot of edits to the second panel! I can’t explain what they are until the comic actually comes out unfortunately, or I’ll be giving too much away too soon… But I’m excited! It’s a lot of fun to make these comics and I really hope everyone enjoys reading them 🙂

More WIP stuff coming soon!


Space Bunnies in SPACE!!

This is a comic about Space Bunnies in SPACE. And their adventures in SPACE.

It is a very serious comic written by Patrick Cullen and illustrated by Sarah Bates (that’s me!) We sincerely hope you enjoy it.

~ Sarah x